Prime Resources International is a leader in motion upholstery.

Motion furniture continues to be on-trend. Reclining chairs, reclining sofas and love seats, reclining sectionals, and home theater collections enhance the experience of gaming or watching TV. Available through retailers all over the country, PRI products offer the best service, delivery and logistics. Customers find PRI products an enticing mix of superior comfort, style and design, all at entry and middle price points.

PRI Motion Furniture

The bigger the screen, the better the viewing experience should be. And the more comfortable one expects to be. That is where we come in. Motion furniture from PRI enhances the gaming, movie and TV viewing experience. As media rooms transform with the new ways to stream programming, it’s our role to keep up with the comfort component of this equation.

Choose from more than 20 extensive living room collections—all made with clean, modern lines. Quality workmanship guarantees that our furnishing can complement your lifestyle. Our smooth reclining mechanisms are beautifully hidden, tucked in hand-stitched leather upholstered fabric. The functions of the furniture never draw undue attention to the nature of the piece, whether it is a loveseat or a lift chair.

Some collections, like the Ariel, offer pillow-top seating for superior comfort. Others, like the Larson, are not only streamlined in design but also feature amenities like cup holders in each armrest and a USB port for charging electronics as you lounge. Bluetooth® technology is also available on many of PRI’s motion upholstery. All PRI motion furniture features smooth and quiet gliding mechanisms so getting comfortable never means interrupting the audio of your favorite programming.

Available through retailers all over the country, PRI products offer the best in service, comfort and technology.